13 Best Karaoke Songs to Impress a Girl

If you read Insider Monkey’s article about it, you will get the good answer. Do you like going to bars and you prefer singing karaoke songs? Now all you need to do is just pick one (ore more) songs from Insider Monkey’s list. Do you have a first date? Do you want to do something amusing and funny? The answer is karaoke, karaoke for both questions. We could put up dozens of questions but the right answer would always be ‘karaoke’. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best karaoke songs to impress a girl.

Karaoke is a very amusing pastime if you like to take part in parties where your friends drink a little bit more than usual, sing and dance, and they willing to make fun of themselves. If you don’t mind doing something crazy on your date, a karaoke bar is really the perfect place to go. It’s much better when you can get positive responses so in this case you can be braver and can undertake a little more difficult songs as well. If you don’t need to stand alone “on the stage” but there is a brave partner with you, you will have a greater time at a karaoke bar. You can also check our list of 16 Best Karaoke Songs to Get Crowds Going.

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