12 Campaign Ideas to Raise Awareness

Whether you are a nonprofit or an individual fundraising, bringing attention to your cause is critical to getting donations. And often people want to know the single best strategy for how to raise awareness for a cause. But in reality, there is no one right way to do it. Instead you should invest time in more than one strategy. Bringing attention to your cause when you have a limited budget can be tricky. But it becomes easier with the right ideas. Outlined below are several ways to raise awareness for your crowdfunding campaign broken down by events, branding, contests, challenges, and content. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 12 campaign ideas to raise awareness.

Before you can turn followers into customers, you have to turn strangers into friends and today, it seems like friendship exists more online than in person -- especially thanks to social media. The social media landscape is more competitive than ever and brands are constantly on the lookout for ideas to help them stand out. Use them to get inspired or borrow one to try out on your audience. Take a look and let us know how they work out for you! You can also check our list of 10 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses.

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