11 Fastest Growing S&P 500 Companies in America

With almost 70% of S&P 500 member companies having reported quarterly earnings, it’s time for an update on which posted the fastest sales growth. Why look at sales? Because companies’ earnings figures are sometimes skewed by one-time items and, therefore, can be meaningless. During earnings season, the business media tend to focus on whether a company “beats” analysts’ estimates for earnings per share and revenue, but that can often miss the point. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 fastest growing S&P 500 companies in America.

What if the analysts expected a company to have a poor quarter? What if the company tends to lower its own guidance heading into earnings season, so that analysts follow suit and set up a “beat”? For those reasons, many investors focus on sales growth. And just to sharpen our edge, we’re focusing on growth of sales per share. That takes into account any dilution in the share count caused by the issuance of stock for any reason, including acquisitions, and also any reduction in the count from net share repurchases.

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