11 Biggest Trees in the World by Volume

Trees have a long relationship with people.  They are both utility and amenity.  Trees can evoke awe,
mysticism, and reverence.  Trees represent great public and private values.  Trees most noticed and celebrated by people and communities are the one-tenth of one-percent of trees which approach the limits of their maxi-mum size, reach, extent, and age.  These singular, historic, culturally significant, and massive extreme trees become symbols and icons of life on Earth, and our role model in environmental stewardship and sustainability. Insidermonkey experts made a list of biggest trees in the world by volume.

Measuring tree height is fraught with problems, and errors can be significant (>12% error).  The two
accepted means of measuring accurate tree height is by a climber dropping a measuring tape down from the top of a tree, or by using laser range finders.   Carefully measured (not estimated) height values are available for many trees. The tallest trees alive and standing are provided here.  In the past tall tree lists had error-prone measures and estimates, plus some involved rough paced measures of downed trees.  In some cases, old tall trees previously listed have been logged or damaged. You can also check our list of 15 Most Expensive Wood for Furniture in the World.

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