11 Best Places to Live with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in the US

While some families choose a new place to move by looking at nearby schools or shopping centers, others consider the best climate for fibromyalgia sufferers before making a move. A cold climate is just one of the things that adversely affects people with that condition. Even a storm front moving into an area and changing the barometric pressure can trigger any or all of the pain points identified with fibromyalgia. They are uncomfortable for nearly everyone, and even more so for anyone diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The body instinctively shivers to generate warmth, creating additional soreness in muscles that are already knotted or tight. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best places to live with arthritis and fibromyalgia in the US. 

I was looking at some older post about people asking where the lower humidity places were to visit or live. What I was really looking for is people whom have Arthritis and have relocated because they had such limited mobility not only from the arthritis but also from humidity aggravating their conditions and had success re-locating to less humidity cities and notice a difference in their health and mobility after they moved. You can also check our list of best cities to live with asthma.

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