11 Best Astronomy iPhone and Android Apps For Star Gazers

I don’t get the whole stars system, nor the rules up there, but I definitely enjoy nights spent on the balcony with some drinks in my hand, enjoying the view. Although I learn how to appreciate the beauties they create, there are people more heat up in this than I am that can spend their entire nights watching and studying the stars through their telescopes. This came out like a really good investment for the app developers and there are many apps on iTunes and Google Play that every astronomy lover should have on their iPhone or Android smartphone. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best astronomy iPhone and Android apps for stargazers.

Today, we are going to focus only on apps for stargazers. Before we continue, we need to mention that not every app is free and purchase-free and not all of them are available on both iOS and Android. For example, StarMap is said to be one of the greatest apps for iOS, but the Android users can forget about it, at least for now. StarMap developers really did their homework and now, all the iOS users can enjoy their database of 2.5 million stars and the ability to navigate the space and find the new ones on your own. You can also check our list of best Google apps for education.

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