10 Professions with the Highest Average IQ per Employee

For some occupations, the ability to show up on time and complete your daily tasks isn’t enough. Certain employers want employees who can think outside the box. They want employees who can strategics and develop new methods of completing their work. They want people who have higher-than-average levels of intelligence, or those who seem to soar past their peers in terms of cognition and thinking abilities. IQ scores, though not always reliable, can help sort the wheat from the chaff. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 professions with the highest average IQ per employee.

Certain jobs and career paths are more or less made for those with superior levels of intelligence. It takes much more than a simple IQ test and impressive IQ scores to accurately gauge who those individuals might be, but studies have shown that those who lean toward the upper end of the spectrum gravitate toward certain occupations. Once you see the list, you’ll probably agree — at least in theory. The US could not make it to our list of the 15 Countries with the Highest Average IQ in the World, but other countries on the list might hold a high IQ in higher regard.

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