World’s 10 Deadliest Intelligence Agencies

The intelligence agencies are very important in many nations to make sure top secret operations move on smoothly and come to an end successfully. Depending on the power and strength of the government, some agencies may be more effective and powerful than others. These are mentioned in this list as well. It is not easy to work as part of these agencies as they take up only highly skilled workers. Also, not everyone can accept to do any work that you’re assigned. Insidermonkey experts made a list of world’s deadliest intelligence agencies.

We found many such agencies on Quora to create this list. Since most of them are highly secretive, it’s quite difficult to dig up information about them. Due to this, it was hard to rank them accurately. We have sorted them according to the year of establishment of each agency. The oldest agency is ranked first. These agencies are responsible for national defense, defense planning, crisis management, counterintelligence, and military operations. You can also check our list of Best Intelligence Agencies in the World.

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