Price of Cigarettes by State: 10 Most Expensive States

Besides being deadly, smoking in some country is too expensive as well. If you are a smoker and you are planning your trip to another country, you should know where smoking is most expensive, so you can bring some packs with yourself. Since smoking is a bad addiction, it is one of the leads economy’s features of each country. Although at least a third of an overall household income of each family goes right into cigarette brand’s bank accounts, people are still finding financial resources to avoid giving up of the nicotine addiction. Insidermonkey experts made a list of price of cigarettes by state: 10 most expensive states.

In order to find out where the smoking is financially killing people the most, Insider Monkey’s research team took a peek into the report made in 2016 by the Awl. After getting an insight at the cigarette prices in each country, they calculated the average price of one pack of cigarette and, by doing that, became able to compile the list of 10 most expensive states for smokers, as well as the number of smokers in each of them. You can also check our list of Price of Cigarettes by State: 10 Cheapest States.

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