7 Industries That Most Commonly Hire Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are mostly hired by the construction and Agriculture sectors. These industries are among the seven industries which hire the most workforce. The overall workforce of the total immigrant population of U.S. contributes about 17 % of the total immigrants of U.S. The illegal immigrants being 8 million in 2014 which comes to about 5% of the workforce. The agriculture sector leads hiring about 17% of its workforce unauthorized. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 industries that most commonly hire illegal immigrants.

The lowest being hired by Transportation and utility services contributing about 6% of the workforce. The pattern of distribution of the illegal immigrants in industries varies from state to state. The industries that offer the most employment of illegal immigrants have a strong presence in some states. The Agriculture industry in Idaho contributes a large percentage of employment to illegal immigrants. You can also check our list of Top 10 US States Invaded By Illegal Immigrants.

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