25 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

One room filled with shoes is every girl’s dream and all of them imagine themselves one day living like Sarah Jessica Parker in her dream shoe world with no cost limits. But the reality seems to be against their love towards shoes because no one can give up their two months’ salary for one pair of shoes if there are far cheaper, but without the world famous name attached to it. Or someone can? Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 most expensive shoes in the world.

Many celebrities and Daddy’s Little Girls prefer the brand name over the quality and there is no money they won’t give for a piece of clothes or pair of shoes. Do you know how much money were the most expensive shoes in the world sold for? Believe it or not, the most expensive shoes in the world are worth $4 million! You can also check our list of 11 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World.

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