25 Best States For Pharmacists

Perhaps no other profession in the medical field comes into contact with patients more often than the local pharmacist. They're likely the friendliest and most approachable of the various health professions: no needles or sharp instruments - just easy pills or liquid medication to swallow that'll help with the symptoms of ailments. If medication dispensing and patient contact are your favorite things, you've found the best occupation for you - we'll help you find the best place to be a pharmacist. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the best states for pharmacists.

The median salary for a pharmacist, which uses as the basis for the rankings, is $118,219 in the United States as of May 2012. The median salaries for pharmacists can range widely, anywhere from $36,740 in the San Sebastian metropolitan area in Puerto Rico to $141,880 in Chico, CA (for pharmacists' salaries across the United States: Pharmacist Salary). There are 240,220 pharmacists employed in the United States as of May 2012, from 30 in Carson City, NV to 11,290 in the New York Wayne metropolitan area. You can also check our list of 9 Highest Paying Countries for Pharmacists.

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