25 Best States for Civil Engineers

This list talks about the states that offer the best opportunity for civil engineers. This list takes into consideration the states which offer good employment opportunities and gives high pay. American Society of Civil Engineers states with emphasis that these are the professionals who have laid the foundation of the modern society. Not only this, we also need to thank them for the running water from taps, recycling, traffic lights, and other everyday helpful things. Insidermonkey experts made a this list of the best states for civil engineers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recognizes civil engineering as one of the engineering occupation out of 18 it accepts. The civil engineers represent the largest group. Over 281,000 are employed in this field. BLS predicts that this figure will increase by 8% by 2024. In the future about 23,600 new jobs will be created meaning that if you are a civil engineering student or considering to study this, you need not worry about work opportunities. You can also check our list of 12 Highest Paying Countries for Civil Engineers.

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