11 Largest and Busiest Airports in India

The global air traffic has been consistently increasing and saw a growth of 9.6% in 2017. The same goes for India as well, which has seen an increase consecutively for 22 months. There has been a 26.6% growth in air traffic in the country, which definitely points to a pattern. India has also ordered 880 planes of different types currently. Some of these planes number among the fastest passenger planes in use today. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 largest and busiest airports in India.

India is teeming with life, and no matter where you go, you will never see an empty bus or train. The same goes for airports as well. With India having the second largest population in the world, the country’s airports are quite busy and thriving. Whether domestic or international, Indian air traffic is at an all-time high today. India, along with China and Japan, comprises around 45% of the world air traffic. You can also check our list of 20 Largest Airports in the World.

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