11 Easiest Languages To Learn For Anyone

In many countries of the world, speaking more than one language is the norm. Countries like South Africa, India, and Switzerland require its citizens to learn more than one language in order to be able to function. So children end up learning two or more languages from an early age, which helps them develop certain skills. On the other hand, people from monolingual countries find it harder to learn new languages as adults. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest languages to learn for anyone.

Some languages are easier than others. It might help if you learn a language that is easy to grasp and is similar to the one you already speak. Considering this article is written in English, let us assume that you know English. So the obvious conclusion is that you should start with a language that uses the Latin alphabet, such as French or Spanish. Some of the easiest languages to learn are English, Esperanto, and Spanish. You can also check our list of Easiest Second Languages to Learn for English Speakers.

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