11 Best UFO Documentaries on YouTube

UFO is the acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects. This term came into being in 1953 when the US Air Force used it in many reports. Many of the UFO’s end up being clouds, balloons, astronomical objects, or aircraft. Between 5% to 20% of the sightings have not been able to be explained satisfactorily till now. They are still categorized as unidentified. If you’re in the mood to check out some of the videos with the sightings, check the Insidermonkey expert's list of 11 best UFO documentaries on YouTube.

Many conspiracy theorists have put in a lot of time studying about the UFOs and the possibility of the extraterrestrials’ existence. It is a very popular idea. There are people who believe that UFO’s are used by the politicians and the government to get in touch with the aliens. There are people who even believe that the government has a hand in the alien abductions. You can also check our list of 10 Most Watched YouTube UFO Sighting Videos.

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