10 Most Evil Elected Presidents Who Killed the Most People

It is certainly hard to accept the fact that an elected representative by the people could do such atrocious acts like killing the masses. Wars, genocide, and other inhuman acts by dictators and other people in a position of power is not the same. This list contains the presidents or prime ministers alone who were elected in a democratic manner. If you support the right wing leaders, you might not be pleased with how this list shapes up. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the most evil presidents who killed the most people.

To get a list of the rulers who did not shy away from killing people, we went through many websites, such as, Daily Mail and True Activist. An article by Lifestyle9 explains everything in an honest and detailed manner. After adding about 20 people, research on then began. Those who were not elected in a democratic manner or by voting were weeded out. The list was almost empty when I was done with this process! You can also check our list of 10 Most Evil Companies in the US.

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