10 Cities With The Most Hotel Rooms in The World

The hotel room is your safe haven when you go out on trips. Even though you will be out roaming most of the time, a good hotel is a must. You are not going to lug around your luggage every time you leave the hotel room. In order to leave your belongings inside, you need to have trust and confidence in the hotel authorities. Since so many people travel, the number of hotels has increased as well. Some cities have hotels on almost every block. Insidermonkey experts made a list of cities with the most hotel rooms in the world.

Hotels seem like a totally different world. When you’re inside a hotel, it seems as if there exists no outside world. It feels like you’ve entered an alternate universe where there is no dirt to clean up or chores to do. The hotel bed, their soft pillows, and the comfortable bed is the best part. The crisp, white linen is enough to make us jump like kids. Even tiny things like free toiletries that you get complimentary make us happy. You can also check our list of 15 Biggest Hotels in New York City.

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