10 Best Paranormal Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Paranormal can be defined as events, experiences, phenomena, or beliefs of things which are outside of the normal context. It is something which science cannot explain or give an answer to. From aliens to demons, and ghosts to near-death stories, everything is included. Though most of them are fictional and remain as stories, there are few real occurrences as well. These have a lot of flaws, to be honest. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best paranormal documentaries on Amazon Prime.

It is best that you do not watch these paranormal documentaries when you’re alone at home or at night. Your sleep could be ruined. Not many of us have strong opinions on whether we believe in such paranormal activities but nonetheless, they do send a shiver up our spines! When people say they saw a ghost, only 1% of the reports state that the ghost was seen in its full form. Others report a shadow on the wall or the curtains movement or shady footsteps. You can also check our list of 35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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