50 Common Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers For Teenagers

Contrary to the common view about the beauty pageants, it is not always about looking pretty and wearing a nice dress. These ladies are brave enough to maintain their composure and answer those who are judging them with a smile on their face which is no piece of cake! Pageants take place with many themes. Some of the popular beauty pageants are Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss America. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 50 common beauty pageant questions and answers for teenagers.

The candidates who appear in the international pageants usually has experience in the small pageants. Just as important as it is to be graceful and pretty, it is equally important to be kind and witty during the question and answer round. Questions are asked from a wide range of topics such as environment, politics, sports, culture, education, tourism, extracurricular activities, and a few personal questions. If feel interested you can also check our list of 11 Best Countries in Beauty Pageants.

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