25 Best States For Financial Analysts

There is a scene in The Office where Steve Carell’s Michael Scott tells a woman at a bar that he’s a bank teller. He says that Ryan (another character who Michael looks up to) told him to always tell women you work in finance. The joke is that being a bank teller is not necessarily the fanciest area of finance that Ryan was alluding to in order to impress women and that Michael is the kind of guy who isn’t savvy or slimy enough to make that distinction. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 states for financial analysts.

Well, a financial analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external as well as internal financial clients. As a financial analyst, you will improve the financial status by analyzing results, monitor variances, identify trends and recommend actions to management among other things. The job financial analyst is divided into a few sectors like accounting and auditing services and aerospace and defense. You can also check our list of 10 Largest Financial Services Companies by AUM.

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