25 Best Science Jokes For Kids

Sometimes I wonder how kids survive their early ages with so much being thrown at them at once. So many expectations from the time they are conceived, moved in the uterus, first eye contact, first words, and so on. So by the time they can understand words and laugh about silly things parents do or say to try to engage them, jokes become part of their lives, either for fun, for social engagements, as a tool for educators to teach boring topics, or just for their own pleasure. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best science jokes for kids.

Just like any other jokes, kids enjoy science jokes a lot more than adults not because they’re plain stupid, but because they give more value to stupidity as a source of laughter. Most people believe that kids inherit humor from their parents. But, a strong sense of humor is practically developed in kids. And, creative science jokes also helps while teaching kids how science works. For that, you need to have an arsenal full of scientific jokes. These 11 Best Science YouTube Channels to Watch will help you do that.

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