17 Cheapest Places to Live in The World That Speak English

What are the Cheapest Places to Live in The World That Speak English? It is a great feeling to move to a new place and explore a new city. But one of the most common problems people face is to manage with an unknown language. Here we present to you the cheapest places to live where English is spoken. From going to college in a new place to getting the opportunity to work in a new land, these are experiences which cannot be beaten. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the cheapest places to live in the world that speak English.

It is not an easy task to move abroad. It is even way too expensive for some to visit a city on a holiday. The expensive accommodation, the ultra-expensive flight tickets, and to say nothing of the costs of living during the period of your stay. Not everyone can afford this. Apart from moving to live in a new country for a short period of time to study or for work, there are those who want to relocate to these lands. Moving to a new country is a decision filled with tough things. You can also check our list of 10 Cheapest Countries to Live In Europe.

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