11 Facts About Japanese Culture for Kids

Japanese culture has endured for thousands of years and inspires many artists to this day. Lush landscapes and colorful streets immediately spring to mind, and much lurks beneath the surface. It’s impossible to do an entire country justice in one list, but here’s a list of facts to demystify everyday life in contemporary Japan. The main list is made by Insidermonkey experts about 11 facts about Japanese culture for kids.

How fast can you multiply 21 times 13? One minute, probably. And, what about 123 times 321? More than one, for sure. Well, Japanese children do it in no time, with a help of several lines. Any kid can do that, even a five year old. They don’t learn numbers by heart. Instead, they draw and play. The Japanese say that if you teach what you learn, you will remember about 90 percent. If teachers stand at the board and just lecture, through mere listening, the students will retain far less. You can also check our list of 50 Crazy Facts About Japan You Won’t Believe.

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