10 States With The Highest Opioid Abuse Rates

While opioid painkillers can help release the pain, they can be very dangerous due to the fact that they are highly addictive, like heroin, and can have same consequences like it when people overdose.
According to the CDC, opioid took away 33,092 lifes in the US during the year 2015 and the number of victims is rising. People are taking every kind of unsubscribed pain killers even when they had a headache, which became a usual thing nowadays because of the way of life we run every day. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 states with the highest opioid abuse rates.

The worse thing is that we aren’t aware of the consequences and we are all certain that we can quit every time we want. Same thing happens with the smokers and we still see 9 of 10 passengers on the bus stop with their lightened cigarettes. Many medicament that are made to release the pain after some injury or medical procedure contains opioid and big pharmaceutical companies are making great efforts to make FDA replace the consumption of the opioid in treatments and replace it with some less addictive and hard to abuse ingredient. You can also check our list of 10 States with Highest Substance Abuse Rates Crippling Their Populace.

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