10 Most Hated Countries in Asia

This sentiment is completely bonkers. People “hate” other people for a lot of different reasons–many of them are subjective or based on their own experience. It doesn’t seem possible to decide the “most hated,” country. Besides how can you judge an entire country for the actions of a few people in that country–whether it is the President, the Prime Minister, or just some man on the street. So much of the news we see today depicts bad news about a place and the “bad guys” in that place. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most hated countries in Asia.

There is also speculation of people through forums, what are the most annoying things about Japan. According to Quora, there are few examples of insanely high prices, horrible noise pollution and lack of product variety. This doesn’t seem entirely scientific–it’s much more anecdotal, pretty much the opposite of the objective information we discussed earlier. It is clearly not at all rational. This site has already written an article about the 16 Most Hated Countries in the World in 2015 and some Asian countries are already on that list but in this article.

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