10 Least Sexually Active Countries in The World

Sex is, unarguably, one of human beings’ most natural acts. We do it for pleasure and procreation, but depending on upbringing, background, experience, religious beliefs and societal pressures opinions on sex and sexual practices vary hugely. And then of course, each individual has preferences all his or her own. When it comes to the different countries around the world, regularity of sex is something that varies, too. Some counties such as Brazil and Greece report that between 82% and 87% of their population is having sex weekly. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 least sexually active countries in the world.

Durex, one of the largest manufacturers of condoms and other pleasure tools and accessories, conducted an online poll worldwide and the results were fascinating; indeed, the percentage of residents having sex regularly is one interesting statistic, but the sexual satisfaction rate in each country is perhaps even more intriguing. Some consider satisfaction as the ability to have an orgasm, while others consider satisfaction to be in the area of the frequency of sex or the quality of the foreplay. However the perception, the numbers show that frequency doesn’t also equal satisfaction, and rarity doesn’t always mean dissatisfaction. You can also check our list of The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World.

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