10 Easiest Federal Prisons To Do Time

It's looking like a lifetime sentence at one of the nation's cushiest prisons for world-class fraudster Bernard Madoff. The record-setting scammer is now at the Federal Correctional Complex at Butner, N.C. It's no Club Fed--the U.S. Bureau of Prisons' minimum-security camps, which are the easiest places to do federal time, are only for offenders with 10 years or less on their sentences. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 easiest federal prisons to do time.

Of the 115 prisons in the federal system, which one did Bernie want to spend the rest of his life in? That distinction goes to the Federal Correctional Institution at Otisville, N.Y. Though not a camp, FCI Otisville is only for male inmates with a medium- or low-security designation, so he would have avoided mingling with the worst of the worst. You can also check our list of 11 Countries with the Highest Prison Population in the World.

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