10 Countries With the Most Suicide Bombers

The number of people killed in acts of terror reached a record high last year, with almost four in five of these deaths occurring in just five countries, new research shows. The statistical analysis was carried out by The Institute of Economics and Peace prior to Friday’s attacks on Paris, but it nonetheless showed that the vast majority of deaths from terrorism occur in just five Muslim-majority countries -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 countries with the most suicide bombers.

By one measure at least, the world is getting less dangerous. There were 10% fewer deaths from terrorism in 2015 than the year before, according to the latest Global Terrorism Index compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace. It was still the second deadliest year on record though, with 29,376 people killed in terrorist attacks. Even though there are a wide variety of suicide attacks out there, the ones motivated by religious extremism are still the most common. They are mostly initiated by the 10 Biggest Terrorist Groups in the World.

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