10 Countries Offering Citizenship To Indians

Now that so many in the US are planning on relocating due to Trump's impending presidency, it's only natural to wonder where to go. Shifting permanently to a country you aren’t born in is a difficult task. However, there are some countries where the paperwork and legal processes are much easier as compared to other countries. Of these, there are 52 countries where you do not need a visa to travel as an Indian Citizen. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 countries offering citizenship to Indians.

 If you’re looking for a list of countries offering visa on arrival for Indians, then look no further! There was a time when planning a holiday abroad meant first having to deal with the hassle of applying for a visa. Those dreadful queues, the never ending documents, the inquisitive questions and then that long wait for the much-awaited piece of paper, a.k.a. the visa, your license to travel. Phew! But, if have not planned your summer travel for this year yet, no sweat! You can also check our list of 12 Best Countries with Birthright Citizenship.

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