Top 15 Hydropower Producing States in America

The United States of America is the fourth largest hydropower producer in the world. While the hydropower provides 16.6% of the global electricity, it is the biggest renewable energy provider. And if the overall production of hydropower by the US was 250,148 GWh, which state is the biggest hydropower provider? Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 hydropower producing states in America.

While the natural gas is said to vanish one day because of the unlimited exploitation, hydropower is the renewable energy source, which we can never run out of. This way, with building more hydropower facilities and other ways of using the most of the renewable sources, such as solar panels, we will never have to be worried if we would live in the dark someday. You can also check our list of 8 Countries that Produce the Most Hydroelectric Power in the World.

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