Iphone 7 vs Google Pixel: Which is Better?

I've been using Google's Pixel XL smartphone for a few weeks, and the experience has highlighted the absence of some key features on the iPhone. You should note that everything here is subjective. The iPhone has great features that the Pixel doesn't have, and the Apple ecosystem is in a league of its own. But damn the Pixel is good. You should also note that I'm comparing the Pixel XL experience with my iPhone 6s and not the iPhone 7 series. Insidermonkey experts made a article on iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel: which is better.

That's because I have more experience with the 6s Plus, as it has been my phone for the past nine months. The iPhone 6s Plus isn't that much different, as a whole, however, from the iPhone 7. The performance between the two phones is still comparable, and the iPhone 7's camera upgrades aren't as important as some of the Pixel's more functional features.

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