9 Most Popular Paintings Sold on eBay

Art is a form of expression that helps people connect with a deeper meaning of their existence. It intrigues all of us, and though you might be more interested in music or literature than you are paintings, they’re still considered a form of high art. The internet has made it possible for art lovers to connect through online galleries, auction, or individual artist websites all over the world. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 9 most popular paintings sold on eBay.

eBay has more than 250,000 paintings listed in their art category right now. It’s sold approximately 150,000 paintings worldwide. To compile this list, we looked at the number of paintings that had already been sold worldwide through eBay to find out what kind of paintings people tend to buy more, and chose the top nine subjects that appeal to most people. The ranking is based on the number of items sold rather than the dollar amount of the transactions. If you’re more of an Etsy lover, take a look at the 10 Most Popular Paintings on Etsy.

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