7 Most Innovative Companies in India

India has firmly established itself as the emerging economy of Asia. It has hardly been a little over 70 years since India attained independence, but within this short span of time, India has become very powerful country. Not just in terms of economy, but in terms of military might as well. India is one of the 9 countries to possess nuclear weapons in the entire world. All of this did not happen overnight, it took a lot of innovation and dedication from the people of India. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 most innovative companies in India.

And also the companies that form the backbone of India’s economy. Today, we will be taking a look at a few Indian companies that we consider to be the most innovative. Not only that we also ranked these companies in terms of how innovative these companies actually are. As always, you can read more about this in the full article. You can also check out our list of 11 Most Profitable Businesses With the Least Investment in India.

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