7 Best Financial News Apps For Investors and Traders

I've bet my career and my money on the App Revolution. And as I loudly and repeatedly predicted five years ago, the app marketplace has already become one of the single largest markets in the history of the planet. You have billions of people using billions of smartphones (and tablets and wearable) using trillions of apps every day. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best financial news apps for investors and traders.

The main reason we use so many apps so often is because they are the easiest and most streamlined way for you to access whatever it is you're trying to get at on the old Internet. Data, information, media, movies, TV, news, sports spreads, fantasy sport leagues, and, yes, finance, investing and trading. Every trader and investor has their own own favorite app or two, but I doubt there's anybody out there who's played with, analyzed and spoken to the executives of as many different finance-related apps as I have.

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