25 Countries Where Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones Have The Largest Market Share

After the invention of internet, the most interesting invention in the field of communication has to be the smartphones. We have always wanted to be ubiquitous, and the smartphones enable us to be just that. With just a press of a button, we can connect to the entire world, and communicate our thoughts and feelings with ease. When it comes to the smartphones, the most prominent operating systems are android and the iOS. In the Android club, there are several companies that make android operated smartphones, but perhaps the largest market share is owned by South Korea based Samsung. Insidermonkey experts made a list of countries where Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have the largest market share.

Samsung smartphones are known for their durability and classy looks. They tend to be a little bit on the pricier side than their competition but they have a highly loyal customer base who just will not use any other device. In our article today, we will talk about a few countries where Samsung has the largest market share in the world. If you are a Samsung enthusiast, then you will absolutely love to learn about these cities, as you will find most people own a Samsung smartphone there. You can also check our list of the Top Countries with Largest iPhone Market Share.

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