20 Surprising Facts About Bill Gates’ House: Address, Technology, Taxes

We just love to read about the rich and famous. How they live, how they spend their money and what the do in their spare time is really some interesting things to read up on. When the person you are reading about is the world’s richest person, then thing get even more interesting. Bill Gates needs no introduction, he has been assessed the most richest alive for several years in a row now. Insidermonkey experts made a article of 20 surprising facts about Bill Gates’ house: address, technology, taxes.

If you are wondering where this IT giant lives and what sort of tech he uses in his house, then our today’s article will definitely be very helpful to you. Our researchers have done a great job finding out stuff about Bill Gates’ humble abode and then listed them in a well written article. If you are a PC person, and you want to learn more about the man behind Microsoft, then I cannot recommend this article enough to you. You can also check our list of 6 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World.

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