19 Best Free News Apps For iPhone and Android in 2017

The technology industry has well and truly infiltrated the publication world. Facebook launched Instant Articles, Google launched an open source platform for publishers with Twitter, and Apple has its own proprietary News app. At the same time, Flip board, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL have continued to update their respective news apps, showing there is a lot of interest in the world of news on mobile platforms. That said, below are our top picks for the best news apps, whether you’re a die-hard news junkie or merely a casual purveyor of world affairs. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 19 best free news apps for iPhone and Android in 2017.

In order to create our list for 19 best free news apps for iPhone and Android in 2017, we checked out several sources discussing the matter at hand – great news apps. Then, we had to make sure they were free and available both for Android and iOS since there are apps out there that only cater to one or the other operating system. Since we wanted to make sure everyone is included, we made sure the apps worked on both platforms. You can also check our list of 10 free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone for all those times when you’d rather relax.

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