15 Smartest Countries In Science, Not Math

As PISA exam already confirmed, students from America didn’t take any of the first 20 places neither in math, nor in reading, and especially not in science. The results of the PISA test that came out in 2015 showed that American educational system is not that into forcing students in any of those areas, which lead to very low score in this test. To be more accurate, America came out 24th in both reading and math and even worse in science, where the overall score gave them the 40th place. As you can see, there are 39 countries that are better in science than America. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 smartest countries in science, not math.

There is no wonder why kids from America are not thought to be that smart. First of all, there is Canada that came out 6th. Insider Monkey has already deal with this question. According to them, the answer lies in the educational system which may look well developed and organized in America, but don’t force and teach kids properly. Besides Canada, there are, as always, Asian countries. You can also check our list of 15 Smartest Countries in Reading Comprehension.

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