11 Best No Wi-Fi RPG Games for Android

Our appetite for mobile data is massive and growing all the time, but not everyone has the luxury of an unlimited data plan or secure Wi-Fi network to play on. Some people want to play while on a train or subway or during a long flight. So what are some fun mobile games you can play without Wi-Fi? I like to play while commuting or traveling as I hate just sitting there without anything to do. I have tested all of these games on my phones and can attest to their effectiveness at preventing boredom. The same for flights. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best no Wi-Fi RPG games for Android.

While we still have to turn our phones off while in the air, we can at least play a game during the flight. It’s better than reading those magazines they supply anyway! Many games require an internet connection even when fully downloaded. Either to monitor the game for file changes or cheating, to prevent piracy, provide social features or live updates or to nickel and dime you out of your cash. Not all games need to be online though. Here are our list of 10 Free No Wi-Fi Games for Android and iPhone.

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