10 Most Expensive Currencies in The World in 2017

The most expensive currency of 2016 is the Euro or the British pound instead of the U.S Dollar. The currencies are the most valuable in the world which belongs to the economies that are the wealthiest. The currencies are listed with the U.S Dollar which runs for the money for the most expensive currency in the world. All the rates of exchange are from 19th January, 2017. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the most expensive currencies in the world in 2017.

The Kuwaiti dinar is another currency that benefits from crude oil, yet its history is a tangled mess. The currency first came online in 1961, valued at 1:13.33 against the Indian rupee, then went on to be measured against a basket of other currencies. Kuwait momentarily adopted the Iraqi dinar during the Gulf War, and later pegged the Kuwaiti dinar to the U.S. dollar. However, it’s been free-floating since 2007. In 2013, it became the most expensive currency in the world and it still stands in that spot. You can also check our list of the 10 Most Competitive Economies in Europe in 2016.

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