10 Least Corrupt Countries in Africa

To win an election in most African countries, pay lip service to the economy, but harp on corruption. Sound like a broken record. The electorate will make the connection on how politicians stealing will affect jobs. Promising to fight corruption is guaranteed to draw voters out in your favor. Transparency International, styled ‘the global coalition against corruption’, published the 2016 Corruption Perception Index report yesterday. Insidermonkey experts made a article on 10 least corrupt countries in Africa.

According to the data, Botswana scores 63 out of a possible 100, making it the least corrupt country in Africa. Even in global terms it’s a strong performance, since out of the 175 countries assessed around the world, two-thirds scored less than 50. (The higher a country’s number, the more transparent it is deemed to be.) The index ranks a country according to the perception of corruption in its public sector. You can also check our list of the 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World.

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