10 Free No WiFi Games for Android and iPhone

One of the best things about owning an iPhone or Android the overwhelming amount of free content you can download, including video games. Numerous publishers/developers have embraced the free to play model (with in-app purchases) or demos of premium titles, most of which provide a wonderful snapshot of the full experience. Separating the good from the bad, of course, can take a lot of time, especially after getting tricked by attractive artwork, screens and questionable reviews; it's sometimes hard to tell whether developers or consumers wrote these critiques. Insidermonkey experts made a list of these 10 free no WiFi games for Android and iPhone.

So, we decided to take a look at the list of games that work offline, requiring no WiFi connection or a data one, at that, since accessing open WIFI connections can be a security risk, while consuming your data plan can cost you quite a bit. We wanted the games we’re looking at to work both on Android and iPhone, for them to be free, and to work offline, as previously stated. If you are looking for more free games, we have another treat for you – 11 Best Free Android Games of 2015!

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