10 Best Alcoholic Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol

Ask a beginner to drink anything else but a sugar-laden cocktail (or shots) and he will flinch at the idea. When you’re just venturing into the world of alcohol, it is difficult to digest hard liquor by its own. But luckily for you, there is such a rich variety of alcohol out there that you don’t need to stick to cocktails and spritzers. Here are the Insidermonkey experts list of 10 best alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol.

In the alcohol industry, conventional wisdom suggests that millennial really, really like sweet flavors. So marketers are flooding the market with fruity -- and in some cases very boozy -- drinks, infused with everything from watermelon to margarita flavors. Baileys Irish Cream based liqueur is smooth and velvety- like silk down your throat. It is an Irish Whiskey that dates back to 1974. It makes for a great dessert alcohol and is enjoyed by connoisseurs and amateur drinkers alike. You can also check our list of 7 Best Alcoholic Drinks For A Sore Throat, Cough, And Cold.

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