Purple Ketchup, Celery Soda, and 6 Other Crazy Food Ideas That Flopped

When we go to the supermarket, we have certain expectations of the products that we’ll see there. For example, ketchup will be red, not purple. Jell-O will not be celery-flavored. Life Savers will be little round candies, not soda. When these expectations are turned on their heads, not only is there a bit of cognitive dissonance, it’s just bizarre. And it’s not until the shock wears off that we actually ask ourselves, “Why would anyone possibly want to buy this?” Insidermonkey experts made a list of purple ketchup, celery soda, and 6 other crazy foods flopped.

Life is a complicated mess, and there is a lot that’s not right with life. But, we must soldier on through it no matter what. Now that said, there are also some awesome things about life, like food. We love good food, and we take great delight in enjoying quality food. Well, most of do, some might consider food just a medium to get energy and not something to be enjoyed or savored. But we do not do that, we enjoy eating good food. If you are someone who loves eating, then I think you will like our today’s topic. You can also check our list of the 12 Most Consumed Vegetables in the US.

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