Michelle Obama’s Greatest Legacy: 6 Ways She Contributed to Childhood Nutrition

Do you know how 6 ways Michelle Obama contributed to childhood nutrition according to Insidermonkey experts? As soon as her husband, Barack Obama, started his first campaign in 2009 it became obvious that the next years would be different for citizens all around the country. Not only that Barack will be remembered as the great leader who made America better place for living, but his wife made a mark as well. Instead of just attending the big events where she would politely chat with other wife’s while supporting her beloved husband, Michelle used her influence to improve the quality of life of the less fortune people.  

She mostly focused on children, as they have two daughters who need better conditions to grow up in, and she also believed that the children are our future and they should live a quality life in order to make the country even better one day. That’s why as soon as her husband took a throne, she started working on children’s nutrition questions and their physical activities. For those 8 years her husband ran the government, she managed to organize many campaigns and foundations for the children and revealed many nutrition programs done by experts in several areas in order not to traumatize children, but still help them as much as she can. Her legacy will hopefully remain even she had to move out of the White House at the beginning of 2017 after the new president has been elected. You can also take a look at 11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Malnutrition.

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