5 Gadgets That Were Supposed to Change the World but Flopped Horribly

If you are a tech savvy person, then you probably have come across a few gadgets that made our list today. Technology is always evolving, and every few years there will be an invention that will grab the entire world’s attention. However, most often these highly innovative gadgets do not work out as planned. Many of these gadgets actually end up as failures, regardless of the promise it had. Why that happens is a different thing entirely, and we will not go into that for this article. Insidermonkey experts made a list of gadgets that were supposed to change the world but flopped horribly.

In this article however, we will list a few gadgets which hit the market with the promise to change the world, but in the end achieved nothing at all, and considered as failures. To be honest, the ideas behind the gadgets themselves were not necessarily that bad, either the technology was not there to fully implement the gadgets true potential, or the marketing campaign for these gadgets failed to attract the right market segment, or a combination of both contributed to the failure of these gadgets. If you are looking for some cool infotainment, then this article comes highly recommended.

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