15 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents

Graduating college is exciting and nerve-wracking, for both the graduate and the family and friends of the graduate. The family and friends have the stress of picking out the perfect gift that the graduate will love and enjoy without the uncomfortable fake joy that comes from opening presents from a great aunt on Christmas. As graduation ceremonies around the country start to take place, you may be looking for the perfect gift for a new college grad. Money is an obvious option, but presents that will help grads post-college are even more useful. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the best college graduation gifts from parents.

It’s important to give the right kind of gift. It should make the graduate happy but also push them in a direction to improve and grow as an individual. The best college graduation gifts should be fun, yet pragmatic for someone who is entering the world without the cushion of being a student for the first time. This is a difficult adjustment to make, and the right gift can help tremendously. For other occasions that you may need to buy a present for, you should check out our 10 Cool Tech Gifts and Gadgets to Buy on Amazon Under 100 Dollars.

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