11 Best New York Neighborhoods to Live in with Families and Kids

Choosing the right New York City neighborhood is an individual endeavor for anyone, let alone anyone with a family. Add a kid or three to the mix and it gets exponentially more difficult. For one thing, real estate brokers are barred by federal discrimination laws from steering clients with children to areas that might fit best. (Even describing an apartment as “family-friendly” is verboten.) Insider monkey experts made a list of 11 best New York neighborhoods to live in with families and kids.

Where you want to live — and where you can afford to live — depends on many factors. Neighborhoods vary in their perks and downfalls when it comes to price, commute distance, transportation access, nightlife, and other lifestyle amenities. If you feel interested you can also check our list of the 6 Easiest Towns to Commute to NYC.

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