Citizenship By Investment in Turkey: 5 Things To Know

There are thousands of foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey every year. Like in every country, there are certain requirements needed to apply for citizenship in Turkey. There are few different ways to get a citizenship in Turkey in various situations. Fast Citizenship by purchasing a Million Dollar property. According to the new citizenship law, If a foreigner buy 1.000.000 USD valued property and promise to keep it in his/her hand for 3 years, you get directly Turkish Citizenship with first degree family members. Insidermonkey experts made a article about citizenship by investment in Turkey.

If you buy a property in Turkey, you get yearly renewed residence permit once you keep the property on your name. After 5 year renewed residence permit, you may apply for citizenship. The main condition is; you need to stay 185 days in Turkey in each calendar year. There is not any property value restriction. The best way to get citizenship in Turkey is buying a property in Turkey. Property will supply you a legal visa which is required for Turkish citizenship. You may also like to check our list of 7 Cheapest Countries that Sell Citizenship.

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